An Introduction To The Program

Welcome to the Mindset & Business Re-Construction Program. I am excited to be supporting you as you take this massive leap forward in your quest to find out who you are, how you show up, and what you produce in your business and personal life.

In order to be effective with this program I invite you to first complete the Re-Construct Her Mind Program getting into the Business Reconstruction Trainings. As business owners we tend to be focused on the tactics and strategies, even though we know that 80% of all business success comes down to our ability to develop an invincible mindset.

In order to be successful in this program I’d also suggest that you schedule your training just as you’d schedule anything else that you were committed to completing.

The Re-Constructing her and the Business Trainings will take you approximately 12 weeks to complete.

I recommend that you space the work out in order to give you the time to complete each exercise properly, think about the distinctions and teachings, and to be tremendously thoughtful throughout your training process.

I would stay away from binge consuming the content as it will not be the most effective way of absorbing the content.

For best results, commit at least an hour a day and that should be sufficient. If your schedule does not allow for an hour a day; make the commitment to a few hours each week in order to get through the content and get the best bang for your buck.

I suggest you purchase a journal dedicated for this purpose. Your Reconstruction journal is something you’d want to use not only for the next 12 weeks but as a resource on an ongoing basis to document the discoveries that you make of your inner world as well as the shifts you create in your business and life.

Think of your journal as ‘The Sacred Container” of your thoughts, ideas, aspirations, inspiration and new decisions.

Finally, I invite you to use all of the resources of this program to support you in achieving your goals, including the Re-constructing her Facebook group and the members of my team. We are committed to your success and to serve and support you in the work that you do in this program and we also acknowledge that we can only support you if you are committed to doing the work. This is an exciting opportunity to create the change that you are looking for in your life, and look forward to celebrating your extraordinary results with you.

To a powerful journey.

Ingrid G. Nugent

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