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Professional Women

In Leadership, Business, Management and Life

Connect, Learn, Collaborate and Grow in a community of Passionate, Women who are Business Owners Leaders and Entrepreneurs Just Like You!

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Using Adult Learning Principles to Teach Female Entrepreneurs and Business Women How to Create Profitable Small Businesses and Flourish In Leadership, Management and Life!

Helping women develop a greater sense of confidence in their own abilities and change negative behavioural patterns caused from childhood trauma using the core principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.



Get ready for your NuBeginning with a Mental Reconstruction. Get our FREE Finding Your Spiritual Vision training module. Taking this course will help you focus on creating the life and or business you’ve envisioned.


Reconstruct Her Mind

Open the gateway to success through deep introspection, and create the blueprint required for a strong, successful business or career.


Business Fundamentals

Identify your ideal client, attract new prospects, accelerate your income and make a powerful impact in the world while doing what you love.


Feminine Leadership

Unearth the powerful leader within through Empathy, effective communication, self awareness, agility and influence.


Coaching for Mental Clarity

Gain the ultimate power by identifying your fears, confronting them and lay them to rest, with a trained, qualified professional Counsellor.

What Happens

When You Join NuBeginning Coaching Academy?

At NuBeginning Coaching Academy we develop our courses using the adult learning principles. Our courses are designed and delivered in a modular format. Training is facilitated virtually, live and interactive, in-person and pre-recorded. Small group sessions with no more than16 participants ensures, you get the support, clarity and coaching you deserve. When you enrol in any NuBeginning Training or Coaching Program, we complete a business or professional assessment with you to identify your business or professional goals. We assess…


Why NuBeginning Coaching Academy?

We help you tap into your mental and spiritual energy to find and connect with your innermost thoughts and feelings, so you can remove the barriers, gain clarity and make meaningful decisions to amplify your voice in the world while doing what you love.
With a comprehensive catalog of multi-faceted business and leadership courses, including, project planning and designing your business. You’re equipped with everything you need to grow personally, professionally and in business.
You’ll gain improved happiness and life satisfaction through individual coaching/counselling and hypnotherapy, unlocking blockages that has hindered you from building a thriving career, business, professional or personal life.