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We Are ReConSTing HER –
A multi-pronged Business, Leadership + Mental Wellness consulting agency of purpose driven, action-takers and business starters seeking rebirth and intentional support to create long term evolutionary success.

Our mission is to teach women in business, leadership and life how to dim the noise and raise above the fray. We do the heavy lifting of decoding the mantra’s and systems constructed to keep women from ‘BECOMING’ purpose driven successful beings!

Happy You’re Here!

We are transformational women who’ve turned our stories of pain into purpose, our dissatisfaction into solutions and our barriers into freedom.

We lead powerfully never forgetting our femininity as we unearth solutions required to turn uncertainty + unknowns into success stories!

We are a team of pragmatic, action taking, relentless change-makers and visionary innovators.

ReConSTing HER professional business courses helps you create a functional business.

We’ll give you the knowledge tools and strategies required to create profitable successful businesses, remove mental blockages to feel confident in leadership roles and decision making situations, so you can successfully grow and scale your business, lead powerfully with empathy and kindness as you turn your vision into reality!

ReConSTing HER coaching services show you how to unpack and eliminate mental blockages caused from childhood trauma or other life changing factors so you can live in freedom and successfully create a life of love, happiness and abundance!

Our Values

Action & Courage

We’re action takers despite our fears or insecurities, we show up powerfully in fierce alignment with our purpose.

Solutions & Impact

We’ll help you find the solutions and equip you to make empowered impactful decisions for your business and beyond.

Power & Renewal

We’ll guide you through the process of developing deep self-awareness through introspection and self-evaluation so you can unlock the power within and remove selfdoubt and imposter thoughts.

Counselling: for women in business seeking to eliminate mental blockages caused from childhood trauma or other life changing factors.

We provide targeted, condensed, high quality business courses, that includes, the building blocks required to achieve a clear and healthy mindset. Reconstruct Her Mind our first course in the series, addresses internal conflicts, our primal drivers and other fundamental topics that requires unpacking in order to build the unshakeable mindset required to unlock your hidden

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Meet Our Founder

Ingrid Nugent is the founder + CEO of NuBeginning Consulting Services. As a Project Manager, Mental Health Coach and leadership consultant, Ingrid’s work draws from her background in Social Services, Adult Education, Women’s Advocacy, Leadership, Business + Entrepreneurship.

Her career began in Human Resources in the learning and development department. Where Adult Education principles were used to design and deliver leadership and new hire training. She soon became a Compliance Manager overseeing a team of Compliance Officers. During this role she discovered her passion for advocacy while advocating for employees and dissatisfied clients.
While trying to identify her purpose, spiritual and world vision; she decided the old wounds from childhood trauma needed healing. She began a journey of self-discovery and personal freedom through Social Service studies; her journey towards mental freedom and liberation began in those classrooms and the RE-BIRTH began.

She’s now a Mental Wellness Counsellor, Business Coach and Adult Educator.

When Ingrid isn’t creating, coaching, counselling or teaching, she leads a very quiet life in Ontario Canada, picking apples and strawberries directly from the farms in her small town, enjoy long and peaceful nature walks, taking pictures of the cows, horses and the landscape.

You will find her snuggling with a good book or enjoying a spirited conversation with her family as they brainstorm ideas for new projects and ways to make life much happier than it already is!