About Me

Ingrid Nugent is a Mental Wellness and Business Coach. She is the President and Founder of New Beginning Consulting Services.

Ingrid started out as an Adult Educator and Curriculum Designer in the corporate world. 

She found her way to coaching after going through her own journey of self-discovery and mental healing. 

As a mental wellness and business coach, professional writer, public speaker, she provides women in business who experienced childhood trauma with the tools and strategies required to find happiness within so they can excel professionally, building successful businesses and live the lifestyle that they want.

She’s compelled to share with women how they too can reconstruct their life by confronting their fears and release the emotional baggage they carry.

Through my evolutionary coaching company NuBeginning Consulting Services I show women like me who experienced CSA and struggled to live authentically; how to recognize that they’re not their experience but are powerful beings who were violated as children.

At NuBeginning I help women understand that regardless of our past we all have the right to succeed in whatever we do.

What I found is that many professional highly driven, business women dealing with trauma caused by CSA with small businesses, continues to experience limiting beliefs that stops them from achieving the levels of success they desire.

They’re operating businesses they love; are good at and have invested their time, energy and money in their passion but yet they’re not experiencing the fulfillment they envisioned, they’re not having that predictable flow of clients who need and will pay high prices for the goods or services they offer.

They’ve become more frustrated and angry they feel anxious and are stuck because they find themselves investing more in themselves and their businesses but are still feeling financially insecure, unfulfilled and unhappy. They believe the root cause of their frustration and anxiety is the business they’re in; and keep questioning whether or not they’ll make the impact they dream of and if they’ll ever experience the financial security they desire.

They think the solution to their problem is to find or start a different business or invest more in social media marketing or a marketing team and show up in more social media videos so they can feel fulfilled, and start experiencing the financial freedom and success they desire.

What they’re not aware of is that many CSA survivors struggle with feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence and low self-esteem that manifests in their professional lives causing them to feel stuck in their businesses.

They don’t realize that the solution to the problem is not starting a new business, but to confront their pain, fear, emotional blockage and feelings of inadequacies and worthlessness caused from the CSA trauma using the techniques taught by someone with the lived experience.

The truth is that they need to place the blame and shame where it belongs, learn the skills to rebuild their confidence and implement a few fundamental principles of business that are outside of funnel building or hiring a large social media marketing team.

In order to start living up to there full potential they need the support of a coach who’ve experienced CSA and is now living an authentic life of happiness, success and fulfillment to show them the solution to their pain, in order to experience true happiness and start focusing on their business so they can start generating 6 figure incomes and live in love, peace and financial abundance!



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