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What does NuBeginning Coaching Academy Do?

What Happens


Our core mission is to educate and coach high achieving female Homepreneurs, Careerpreneurs Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and women who want to find mental  clarity and remove trauma barriers. We show you how to develop an unshakable mindset, in business, life and leadership, using the “Reconstruct Her Mind” building blocks to address self-doubt, remove fear, rebuild their self-confidence, develop a growth mindset and dominate in business, professionally and on a personal level.

We offer three distinct type of services – Coaching, Counselling Mission Driven Women and Professional Business Development.

Coaching Services

Designed for entrepreneurial women who own a small business and require the knowledge, skills and expertise to grow and scale their business and women in leadership or seeking to become leaders in their work or businesses.

Counselling Services

Created for women in mission driven women, who’re mentally ready to do take the holistic approach required to eliminate mental blockages caused from childhood trauma or other life changing factors.

Business Development

A set of targeted, condensed, high quality courses, that includes, business courses build using the mindset building blocks for a clear and healthy mindset addressing internal conflicts, primal drivers and other fundamental topics that helps women create successful businesses.

Our Programs
  1. We’ll review and assess the areas of your life, business or work that requires re-evaluation, re-construction, and realignment through any or all of our 4 programs.
  2. We’ll assist you as you explore your possibilities and uncover the full potential of your business + leadership and personal life.

3. Our coaches will be present every step of your journey, acting as your business partner + consultant and coach. 

4. We will assist you during key decision making processes as you set the foundation for a complete re-construction and re-birth!

5. We’ll teach you how to map your vision in order to identify your business and personal needs, so you can successfully adapt to life’s constant changes  and business landscape!

You will receive
a wide range of business
Personal support in a short span of time!

√.  Are you thinking of a complete business re-construction?
√.  Do you want to fine-tune the ecosystem of your business?

√.  Have you been dreaming of launching your own business?

√.  Have you been struggling with imposter syndrome?

√.  Are you ready and willing to do both the Internal and External work required to experience true evolution, growth and success?

If you answered YES! These programs are for you!

  • Our framework is designed to show you how to create and maintain a durable business, capable of withstanding the challenges and different cycles experienced by all true entrepreneurs; as they journey towards financial freedom!
  • Our programs are designed with the moms, female leader and entrepreneur in mind. We have an all encompassing model, that has something for everyone regardless of experience, or level of education!
What You Receive

Complete Business Assessment

We will review your business’s financial health, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and identify areas for improvement. We want to know ‘What Got You Here’ so we can make the necessary changes that will take your business to the next level.

60 Min Whar Room Session

We’ll discuss your business at the micro and macro levels to capture your vision, gain clarity and identify areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats  + develop strategies and create roadmaps to increase your success, achieve goals and set your business on a pathway to long-term sustainable growth.

6o Min Document Review + Feedback

We’ll review your project scope to determine what type of systems, messaging + offers  needs to be created.

I’ll provide feedback and comments in addition to what you’ve created to ensure your implementation is powerful and effective.

Resources: (templates, copy, sales/landing pages, content, spreadsheets, Google docs, etc.)

45 Min Wrap Up Session

We’ll meet in a virtual one-on-one 45-minute session after your reconstruction.

We’ll review discovery moments and discuss next steps.

Come prepared open and ready for a NuBeginning. You’ll leave with an action plan, clarity, deadlines for accountability where applicable and more to keep you focused; so you can bring your Re-constructed vision to life.

Reconstruct Her In 14 Days

During the 7-14 days we meet for live facilitation in a virtual space, doing a deep dive into causes and effects of past trauma, mental blockages and how they affect your daily outcomes.

We teach you how to implement strategies so you can refocus and succeed while doing the work you were born to do in this world.

Come prepared for an intense beneath the surface self evaluation!


Our program offers a dynamic combination of learning options.

 Live Facilitator Led sessions and interactive learning in small groups of 6-16 participants. 

On Demand, Self Directed directed learning with access to Training Videos,
Audios, Printed Resources and Worksheets.

Our self directed learning includes individual learning
activities, group work and live instructor feedback to support your ongoing growth and development.

Facilitator Led

Live facilitator led sessions in an interactive learning environment. Groups vary from 6-16 participants group activities, worksheets, videos +

On Demand Training

90-days condensed, high impact, accelerated learning for women ready to expand her knowledge

individual Coaching

Private coaching and consultation, focusing 100% on YOU! Identifying your vision and the work you’re called to do in this world.

This Experience Is For You If...

✓ You are a solo-preneur, career-preneur, coach, online business owner, collaboratively lead a with a team of 2-4 women or an aspiring leader ready to create something exceptional in the world.

✓ You know your time experience and expertise are worth more and you have a vision for something better – but you need clarity on how to make your vision a reality.

✓ You sometimes experience negative thinking patterns, or imposter syndrome and you want to deal with the underlying issues causing stress and anxiety.

✓ You crave balance between business and personal life. When you’re acutely aware that business should’t compete with family and the leisure activities you enjoy with friends; and you need the blueprint for business expansion but avoid burnout.

✓ You are ready to change the trajectory of your business by implementing big and or small changes. There are complexities in your business’s ecosystem and you’re ready to organize and simplify the processes without compromising the core pieces of your work.

✓ You know the time to achieve your vision is now. You’ve decided that success is inevitable but you need a new or updated business model in order to evolve, and expand with certainty.

Choose Your Course

Reconstruct Her Mind

14 day self introspection designed for women seeking to identify and harness the power within.

Simple Business Design

90-days condensed, high impact, accelerated learning for women ready to expand her knowledge

Feminine Leadership Series

30-days intense leadership strategies for women ready to pack their femininity.

Mental Clarity Coaching

4 x 90 or 6 x 60 minutes coaching sessions created for women of courage.

Faq ~

How long is Reconstruct Her Mind?

This is 14-days of deep introspection where together we’ll review the causes and effects of mental blockages affecting your success and find the solutions so you can refocus and holistically Reconstruct and transform your life and business.

How long is the Simple Business Design?

This is 90-days of intimate, high impact, accelerated learning as we work together to Reconstruct the entire ecosystem of your business by removing the complexity to create a simplified powerful version of what matters most!

How long is the Feminine Leadership Program?

This is 30-days of skillfully crafted workshops, activities and introspective leadership strategies where we work together to tap into your leadership superpower so you can become a strong, efficient and successful empathetic leader.

How long is the Mental Clarity Coaching?

This is 4 x 90 minutes coaching sessions or 6 x 60 minutes coaching sessions where we work in tandem to uncover challenges affecting you and your business so you can unlock your full potential in life and business.

Do I have to enrol in all four programs?

No you do not need to enrol in all 4 programs. You may choose one program and decide against the others; but we know you’ll take all 4 once you have the NuBeginning Experience!

How do I know if it’s the right fit for me?

If you’ve finished reading this page and you’re still trying to decide if this program is the best fit for you personally, professionally or in business, please schedule a complimentary consultation call today!

What sets this program apart from the others?

This learning experience is multi-faceted, we provide training in group environments along with private consulting + coaching from a holistic perspective encompassing wellness and 100% focused on YOU, your brand and the work that is uniquely yours to do in this world. While other programs are group oriented without private coaching and consultation included in their packages. Here you’re getting targeted, high quality support for the woman who’s ready to remove money barriers + find her ideal client + create captivating sales messages + hone her leadership skills + more all at the same time!