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Ingrid Nugent is the founder + CEO of NuBeginning Consulting Services.

As a Project Manager, Mental Health Coach and Leadership Consultant, Ingrid’s work draws from her background in Social Services, Adult Education, Women’s Advocacy, Leadership, Business + Entrepreneurship.

A career in Human Resources using the principles of Adult Education to design and deliver leadership and new hire training, she soon became a Compliance Manager overseeing a team of Compliance Officers.

Mental freedom and liberation began in those classrooms and her RE-BIRTH began. She’s now a Mental Wellness Counsellor, Business Coach and Adult Educator.

With over two decades of leadership experience in corporate and nonprofit companies, I know what it takes to not only drive revenue but I also understand the power of empathetic leadership.

My life and professional experiences have prepared me with the tools required to impact people in a meaningful way. 

I am passionate about helping people navigate the constant pressures and demands of our ever changing society through my workshops and keynote speeches.

Workshops + Speaking Engagements

Workshops In-Person + Virtual

I facilitate both informal and professional development webinars or workshops on a variety of topics that guide women and individuals so they can move past beliefs that are holding them back and find clarity that empowers profound and lasting change! 

Hiring me to lead workshops or speak at an engagement is a transformational decision for individuals and business owners seeking growth, development or enhanced performance.


Speaking Engagements

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker for a team offsite, recreational, sales or or business event, I bring my contagious enthusiasm and positive psychology skills to motivate, challenge and transform your team, group or business partners.

I inspire others to push the boundaries in order to experience unimaginable results in life and business!

Leading Workshops

Hiring me to lead workshops, or speak at an engagement is a transformational decision for individuals and business owners seeking growth, development or enhanced performance.

Results from A Workshop With Me


When you engage me as your workshop facilitator, you can anticipate a workshop that is meticulously tailored to your organization’s unique goals, challenges, and industry context. With a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs, I design workshops that go beyond generic content. Each session is thoughtfully crafted to resonate with participants, fostering deep engagement, dynamic discussions, and real-world applications. The result is a learning experience that leaves a lasting impact, equipping your team with practical tools and strategies for sustained growth.


My coaching philosophy centers on holistic development that transcends mere motivational talks. By harnessing my expertise in human behavior, psychology, and personal growth, I guide participants through a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Organizations can expect more than momentary inspiration; they can anticipate a sustainable shift in mindset, behavior, and performance. This shift is rooted in evidence-based practices and tailored to address your organization’s unique challenges, creating a pathway towards long-term growth and success.


As a Certified Professional Coach, I am committed to delivering measurable outcomes that align with your organization’s objectives. I design workshops with clear goals in mind and incorporate performance metrics to gauge the impact of the learning experience. Whether it’s enhanced team collaboration, improved communication, increased productivity, or a positive shift in organizational culture, you can anticipate tangible results that contribute to your bottom line. These results aren’t just confined to the duration of the workshop; they extend into the workplace, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Current Topics

Our workshop topics empower you to embrace a new way of thinking and embody a new way of being. 

Sign up to here to be the first to know about my next workshop. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Find the key to clarify vision and purpose
  • The Purpose Driven Woman
  •  Feminine Leadership
  •  Leading Cohesive Teams
  •  Living Without Boundaries
  •  Surviving Child Sexual Abuse
  • Boundaries and Consequences
  • Finding Life and Spiritual Vision 
  • Pathway to Peaceful Relationships and Happiness

Through a combination of thoughtfully curated topics, excellent facilitation, customized material and group activities, our workshops are riveting and empowering.

Mindsets are shifted! Perspective change and participants confidently implement action plans and experience next level success and happiness!