Creating NuBeginning Consulting Services

My awakening and lightbulb moments seem always to happen in the shower.

One night while taking a shower, with my eyes closed and water pouring over my head I was talking to myself. There were so many people with brilliant business ideas however they didn’t have the right tools to execute their plans.

I had been a coach and mentor for the better part of 15 years. I could train anything I was asked to train and I could write a training program with my eyes closed. I also had the uncanny ability to help others realize their dreams as I had done on so many occasions.

I asked myself; with such coaching and motivational skills, why not turn this into something that will help others who’re ready to do the work to realize their goals?

That evening I went to one of the online platforms that provides customizable website templates and I created NuBeginning International Consulting Services website.

It was not the greatest website but I was determined to start my business as a consultant. From this business I served eight clients, after which business seemed to dry up.

I wasn’t going to give up because I still had the raging tsunami inside my head telling me I must find that thing that drives and fulfills me the most! So I began searching once again.

It was during this search that I came across an advertisement on Social Media with a woman who spoke about earning six figures from managing her own business.

I partnered with her and started learning about providing coaching services to business owners, I began to understand a new way of teaching and helping business owners find overall success.

This was the beginning of my bold attempt to break the societal 9-5 mold and start create a foundation that would eventually provide the financial stability and the lifestyle I had desired since my childhood.

I began to develop coaching programs that are three pronged a model I have affectionately called “My Coaching Trinity”. In this program we seek to address the mental, spiritual and physical aspect of and managing a successful business.

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